Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Furniture Wrong Righted

Gallery Furniture now has one more sofa table and one less media/TV cabinet. We returned the terribly over-sized sofa table that we bought for the entry and used the credit against a new sitting place for our TV.

We're now happy campers - camped in front of the TV!

We were temporarily using an old sofa table for our TV but it had an open bottom and that meant we had to look at all the cords and wires. I couldn't be more pleased that they are now hidden.

See our before and after:

BEFORE - Super ugly!
AFTER - beautiful! Oh, don't look at that table in the entryway - That's the old TV table, it's not going to stay there.

You can probably tell I took one pic in the daytime and the other at night, during the Super Bowl no less. Sorry if the quality isn't the best.

We still need to find a table for the entryway that's only 12" deep - they are really hard to find. Brittany and I went to a really nice (and pricey) store and they had several but I wasn't looking to spend $1400-$1700 for an entryway table. Any suggestions?

Here's a sneak peak at my next project, a Craigslist find for $10. More later, I'm not done yet.

Till later ~


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