Friday, February 25, 2011

The House Is As Ready As It Can Be

We're having a birthday party tonight for my dear hubby and for the last 6 weeks we've been in a frenzy to get the house to a place where we feel it's presentable for the party. I thought my MIL was coming to surprise Brent but at the last minute she got sick and couldn't fly, it was such a bummer because it would have been a great birthday surprise for him. Because of her visit, I worked extra hard to get the guest room done too...all under the guise of the party because he didn't know she was coming.

I haven't posted in a while because it seems that every free moment was spent doing something to the house, and when I wasn't working at my job or on the house, I was too tired to think about blogging. But this morning I feel good because the house looks so great. It's time to share.



We're going to add an etagere in the corner - it's a bit empty right now.


It was hard to find a piece of furniture that fit here - after buying and returning a piece, we ended up using this piece that we already had.

Of course a gun cabinet doesn't fit in this room, but where else would we put it?


Tonight there will be chafing dishes on the kitchen counters, wash pans loaded with ice, beer, & wine, the playlist I worked on tirelessly will be playing, and 30 people mingling around and hopefully having a GREAT time. I'll post pics after. Should be a great birthday party!

Till later ~


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