Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hallway Finished - FINALLY!

Well, we finally finished the hallway. I say we...all I did was snap the whip! Oh, and I sanded the inside of the linen pantry but Brent and Zack did all the work and it's beautiful. The bright white oil based paint against the linen colored walls and wood floors is gorgeous. Much better than before.

Here are some of the before pics:

After Zack added  trim to the doorways.

After the wood floor was laid.

During painting.
And here are the after pics:



The french door leads to our office, a room I LOVE and I think the french door is a big part of why I love the room so much. In the before pic just above we didn't even have trim around the doors or baseboards. Wow, what a difference! Honestly, hallways are a lot of work and this one had SEVEN doors, a linen pantry, and an attic ladder, no wonder it took four weeks to finish. The bid we got to sub it out was $1000 including paint, now that it's done, I think that would have been a DEAL.

Till later ~


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