Monday, January 31, 2011

Entry Hall Table - It Didn't Look That Big In The Store!

Sunday we went shopping for something to buy at Gallery Furniture.

You see, we had a Groupon - purchased for $50 worth $200 at Gallery Furniture - and it was getting ready to expire, so we had to buy 'something'!

Here in Houston, Mattress Mac at Gallery Furniture is an icon. He opened the store years ago with cheesy commercials with him jumping up and down yelling "Gallery Furniture really will SAVE YOU MONEY!" Now the store is huge and they sell some nice furniture, the Groupon was a deal, so we bought it. Now we were faced with having to buy something, anything, worth $200 or more.

We spent the better part of the day driving out there and roaming around trying to figure out what to buy. Finally we bought the sofa table to put in our entryway. We knew better, we knew we needed something 14" deep or less but did it anyway (it's 20 inches deep!). Now we have a massive piece of furniture and nowhere to put it.

We'll be driving back out to Gallery Furniture next weekend, paying the 10% restocking fee, and then picking out something new (return policy is exchange only). How much you want to bet we spend some more money.

I'll let you know.

Till later ~


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